Fancy Coyote is a one-stop-shop for all of your video production needs. From bid to edit we are experienced and adept in producing and fulfilling client expectations at any given budget. We specialize in creating

quality production value at any level.


Together, Katie and Haley co-write and concept promos, films, sketches (you name it) and are working to build up their company and take on new projects and create new long lasting relationships. FANCY COYOTE

has just finished making their first film, “HIT” that features talent such as Rooster Teeths, BURNIE BURNS, ZAK ORTH and Austin Sweetheart: KIRK JOHNSON.  FANCY COYOTE has teamed up with the Austin Animal

Center to develop a sketch campaign  and will release the first spot of this package in the coming weeks. 


Katie Trew Cheline (Director) has a 6+ year background in major tent pole film and TV production. Katie has been an intricate and vital team member in massive budget, fast paced, multi camera projects such as

“Transformers” Dir. Michael Bay, “Men, Women and Children” Dir. Jason Reitman, HBO’s “The Leftovers” and “American Crime” (to name a few) Katie specializes in Camera, 1st ADing and general bad-assery. Katie was

also a producer on national Verizon Commercials and has a knowledge for budgeting and scheduling that is imperative in production.


Haley Alea Erickson (Producer + Project Development) (isn’t it fun that we both have 3 names) started in Development working under Don Handfield and Jeremy Renner at THE COMBINE where she developed a

sense for storytelling + narrative within the realm of Hollywood and the Studio System. Moving from LA to Austin in 2013 Haley has worked as a Production Coordinator and Producer on countless commercials and

films in the Austin arena. Haley worked with Detour Films under Richard Linklater in post production on the Oscar Nominated “Boyhood” in her time at Detour. Haley specializes in project development, production

management and client relations. Haley is also an actor/comedian that is featured in several of Fancy Coyote’s projects.